Birdie Pins
Record birdies made during play with other SOWGA
members on Thursday or Saturdays to earn a pin!


Equitable Stroke Control
Don't forget to post your score EVERY TIME you play a full 9 or 18 holes...
The maximum number of strokes you are allowed to post for
handicap purposes per hole is as follows:
9 or less - Double Bogey
10-19 Handicap - 7
20-29 Handicap - 8
30-39 Handicap - 9
40 or more - 10 

All SOWGA members are also members in the Southern California Golf Association. 
Watch for regional events to play in which will be posted on our bulletin board.

Full Handicap Events

Better Score on each hole for two rounds.

Field Strokes:
Count all strokes, including penalties except those on or touching the putting surface

Flag Tournament:
Each player is given a flag with her name on it to place where the ball comes to rest after she has used the number of strokes equaling par (72) plus her handicap. If the final stroke puts the ball on the green, measure the distance to the cup and plant the flag behind the green off the fringe.

Before play, circle 3 holes on your scorecard, they will be played but eliminated from your score. Total remaining 15 holes and deduct full handicap. 

Deduct worst hole from net score.

Least Putts:
Count only strokes made on the putting surface.

Low Gross:
Normal Stroke play without handicaps.

Low Net:
Normal Stroke play using handicaps.

Most Pars:
One point for par or better. 

Par Point:
Use handicap strokes where they fall and score as follows; 1 point for par, 2 for birdie, 3 for eagle. The highest number of points to wins.

Net score plus gross of five best (lowest scoring) holes.

Three Blind Mice:
Player deducts the 3 worst holes from net score.

Tin Whistle:
Use handicap strokes where they fall and scores as follows: 1 point for bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie, 4 for eagle. The highest number of points wins. 


Team Events

Best Ball:
Use handicap strokes where they fall on card: better ball on each hole is team score.

1-2-3 Stroke Play:
Four person team, each using their strokes as they fall. Score best net of the four on the following holes: 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 & 16. Score 2 best balls on the following holes: 2, 5, 8, 11, 14 & 17. Score best balls on 3, 6, 9, 12 & 18. Low team score wins.

Partner's Combined Net:
Stroke play using handicaps. Combined net score is team score.

Partner's Relay:
One partner selects better front nine and the other the better back nine for combines 18 hole team score. Deduct 1/2 combined handicaps for net score. Choose nine after play.

Scotch Twosome:
(Alternate Shots) - After deciding who will drive Hole #1, partners alternate every stroke until the hole out on #18. Low net using 1/2 of combined handicaps. (Do not past score).