Grand Island Café

Open Friday through Sunday* for lunch, the Grand Island Café offers casual open air dining. Located at our remote Grand Island Pavilion, accessible from the swimming pool, fitness center and the Islands golf course. The menu has a wide variety of dishes to suit your activity; you can enjoy a poolside cocktail, a fresh fruit smoothie after a workout or if you are golfing you can grab a hot dog or burger on the go. Explore our menu.

GI Café Menu

*extended hours in the summer months

Oaks Snack Bar

Open Tuesday through Sunday serving breakfast and lunch items, the Oaks Snack Bar serves our Tennis Pavilion near the main clubhouse. It is also accessible from the swimming pool, fitness studio and is a great breakfast option for early morning weekday golfers. Some favorites are the Breakfast Burrito made with  eggs, sausage, crispy potatoes and jack cheese served with roasted jalapeno salsa and creme fraiche and our Burger Dog served on a brioche bun with cheddar cheese, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato and herb aioli. Explore our menu.

Oaks Snack Bar Menu